The Wait is Over

I’m pleased to announce that after several months of private beta testing, Opterview is finally availabe for everyone. Head over to our signup page to start your free trial.

Evaluate DevOps Candidates With Confidence

Opterview was started with the belief that there was a need for a better interview process for DevOps Engineers, both for candidates and interviewers alike. In our initial beta tests, we set out to see how many people felt the same way and to test our ideas to learn how we could improve the experience. With the sheer volume of people who signed up after we announced the beta, we knew we were on to something.

Since then, we’ve been diligently working with our beta users to nail down the experience. While I could on and on about how great I think it is, I leave you with this one fact: All of our beta users were able to hire their first DevOps Engineer within four weeks of starting to use our platform. This includes several hiring managers whose openings were vacant for several months before working with us.

Given the impact we’ve been able to have with this select group of users, I’m very excited to announce that Opterview is now available to anyone who wants a better way to interview their DevOps candidates.

How Opterview Works

Opterview makes interviewing DevOps Engineers simple and intuitive by eliminating the confusion and uncertainty in trying to answer the underlying question that matters: “Can this candidate do the work?” How do we do it? Simply put, we give you an environment where your candidates have the opportunity to show you that they can do the work. Opterview provides a terminal in a web browser, with zero setup needed, for your candidates to show you their work. This terminal is connected to an ephemeral server that gives them root access. From here, you can run your candidates through your own questions if you have them, or use one of our prebuilt Interview Challenges that provide an out of the box technical screen.

In Closing

Whether you’re dissatisfied with the results of your existing screen process, or on the verge of hiring your first DevOps Engineer, Opterview is here to help. Join today to hire faster and with more confidence than ever before.