I’m excited to announce the launch of opterview.com, an interview platform for SRE and DevOps. Opterview lets you collaborate with your candidates and see them work in real time from a web based command line environment. Here’s the story behind the product: Since early last year, I’ve been talking to people about how they interview candidates for SRE and Operations roles and a few things stand out…

First, everyone ahead of the curve is pushing their technical evaluations to more closely reflect real, day-to-day work. Why? You can learn more about a candidate by giving them access to a server with a problem than asking them to verbally describe how they might fix it.

Second, far more people want to interview their candidates interactively than actually do in practice. You’ve barely found the time to come up with a good set of interview questions to begin with, and there aren’t any tools or services to make it any easier.

This is why I created Opterview, a service that gives you and your candidate a shared command line on a dedicated Linux server, combined with a suite of candidate evaluation features like video recording of the command line, and storage of all of the candidates files/artifacts. Check it out!